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Trek Terms and Conditions

Each adult person partaking in a Hanmer Llama Trek must agree to all the Trek Terms and Conditions and complete the registration form. Each under-age person must have a responsible adult do this on their behalf.  Please ensure you do not omit to inform us of any medical conditions as Hanmer Llamas cannot be responsible for any relevant information omitted from the registration form.

Hanmer Llamas reserves the right to change a schedule or itinerary during a trek to ensure the comfort and safety of any and or all of the participants including the llamas as determined by the guide. The guide will have the final control of the changes to be made.

Payment Schedule:

For full day treks we do require at least one day’s notice; in this instance cash payment may be made to the guide.

Planning and implementing a trek requires considerable time and effort prior to the event.

We therefore require reservations with a deposit and full payment according to the following schedule:
Payment may be made by cash, Paypal or bank deposit in NZ dollars only.  (Due to the simplicity and security of Paypal it is our preferred method of payment.  Please ask if you are unfamiliar with Paypal and we’ll happily assist).

A 50% per person deposit is required to secure your spot.  The balance is then due 30 days prior to your trek start date.  Final acceptance is subject to receipt of payment, your dates will be pencilled in but not confirmed until your deposit or payment is received.  If the full amount is not received by the 30 day deadline prior to the reserved trip dates, please see below for our refund policy regarding deposit refunds.

Any registrations within fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the trip must include full payment.

Refund Policy:
Should you cancel thirty (30) calendar days prior to your reserved dates, your deposit minus $75.00 per person will be refunded.
Should you cancel within thirty (30) days of your reserved dates this will result in a refund of your payment less 50% of the total trip fee.
These deductions are necessary due to the time and cost involved in filling your place on the trek.

Please note Hanmer Llamas cannot be held responsible for additional expenses incurred by preparing for the trip (for example: advance purchase air tickets, accommodation, rental cars, clothing, equipment, visa fees, medical expenses, etc.

Travel Insurance is highly recommended in order to cover unexpected events resulting in the cancellation of your trip.  If you are unfamiliar with travel insurance please consult with us when booking your trip.

No Shows:
Particularly for multi-day treks it is important that all participants are at the appointed departure point at the appointed time.  Due to the distance to be covered our treks are designed to leave at a set appointed time.  We make every effort to be in contact before the trek date to ensure there is no confusion regarding the meeting place and time.  (Due to the early start it will be necessary to arrange accommodation in Hanmer Springs village for the evening prior to trip departure; accommodation and contact arrangements will be discussed when trip registration is received).

Your guide will wait a brief time at the starting point, however participants who do not appear at the appointed departure place and time or who choose to or must leave a trek in progress for any reason will result in forfeiture of the entire trek fee.


Hanmer Llamas strives to avoid any cancellations and has never had to cancel a trek. Should a cancellation become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected adverse weather conditions, your payment will be refunded in full. Our responsibility is limited to refunding the total trek fee only. Any other costs besides the total trek fee incurred due to a cancelled trek will not be paid by Hanmer Llamas. (See our recommendation regarding travel insurance to cover such events).

Medical Event:

While relatively low risk these expeditions do have the usual risks and hazards associated with wilderness travel; extensive first aid equipment is carried on our treks and your guides carry a mountain radio and emergency locator beacon.   In the event of an accident or illness on the trek, your guide will provide first aid and will arrange for evacuation if needed. Any costs of the evacuation or medical treatment beyond the first aid are the responsibility of the injured or ill person. (See advice regarding travel insurance).

It is the responsibility of each person to inform Hanmer Llamas of any conditions that they have that would affect their ability to participate in this activity including medications, allergies, dietary restrictions etc.  For your own comfort and safety and those of other participants please include this information on the registration form or contact us if you have privacy concerns.  This information is important as our treks are designed to accommodate the physical conditions of the participants as presented on the registration form.

Packing Instructions: No suitcases or other containers that are non-compressible can be used.  Hanmer Llamas can arrange for any extra luggage to be stored for your return.  SEE OUR TREKS:  What to bring. Those items you will need on the trail such as: camera, film, extra sox, wind breaker, rain gear, water bottle, snacks, etc. (your choice) will be packed so as to be readily accessible from your llama.

There will be ample energy food and rest stops and the hiking rate will accommodate appropriate physical skill levels; portions of the day will be available for rest and relaxation if you desire. Hanmer Llamas wants your entire experience with us to be as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. If you have concerns or questions, please e-mail or call and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you.