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Our Llama Tours

Whether you’d prefer a gentle stroll with a picnic lunch, taking in the scenic spots around Hanmer Springs village or you’re keen on experiencing all that the spectacular back country has to offer, our one day to multi day tours will have something to suit everyone.  Our llama boys will carry everything for you so don’t let fitness or adequate gear and supplies concern you.   Our friendly approach makes it possible for everyone.

Our Llamas

Lunch with a Llama

Looking for something fun, unique and something you’ve never done before? If you’ve only got 3 hours to spare our ‘Lunch with a Llama’ tour is a fun, unique experience suited to all ages and fitness levels. The tour is interactive, educational with a little bit of local history.


Lunch with a Llama

About Hanmer Springs

Best known for its natural hot pools and stunning landscapes, Hanmer Springs is a picturesque alpine village 90 minutes’ drive from Christchurch.  The resort town is an attractive year-round holiday destination for adventure, relaxation and indulgence. Surrounded by dramatic mountains and towering forests, this charming town has a main street filled with boutique shops, cafes and eateries.  Adventure activities abound while the stunning St James Conservation Area is a 78,000 hectare reserve with exceptional natural features including glaciated valleys, streams, wetlands, lakes and picturesque tarns.

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About Hanmer Llamas

Our guests often ask what got us started with llamas so here’s a brief background.

Initially Tony’s interest was peaked when he was told of their ability to carry his camp, hunting and fishing gear in New Zealand’s mountains.  Our first two llamas were a couple of rescues with zero trust of humans so Tony took off into the back country with them for a few weeks.   After a few weeks of bedding down with them at night and handling them gently they proved to be loyal companions, curious about everything he did and exceptionally quick to learn.

As our knowledge grew so did our herd!  Being highly instinctive llamas bond very quickly with humans and many a sad moment is shared by our guests when it’s time to part. We work as a couple so our tour numbers are necessarily small, keeping the experience personal and fun.

Suzi & Tony